Emergency Preparedness:  Beyond Natural Disasters
The 12 Impacts


We must dare to think about the unthinkable things...
--Senator William Fulbright 

So many people refuse to consider the "unthinkable things.”   It’s as if they believe that by not thinking about them, they won’t happen.

Here in the Western United States, it is an absolute certainty that an earthquake, avalanche, flood, wildfire or mud slide will happen somewhere in the region in the next 6 months.

Still, most individuals and businesses have no preparations in place for any of these natural disasters, let alone all of them.  They assume that none of these disasters are likely to affect them directly.

What about other types of emergencies?  Things like down-turns in the economy or toxic spills.  What about deliberate acts - events as common as crime, and as rare as terrorist acts? 

At one time or another, virtually every large American city has been placed under a curfew or some sort of martial law.  How would that directly or indirectly affect you?

When these are factored into the equation, the likelihood of being directly affected goes up quite a bit.

When individuals and businesses consider the number of emergencies and disasters that could occur, they get overwhelmed... and do nothing.  They think they need one plan for an earthquake.  One for a flood.  One for a building fire.  One for a take-over robbery/home invasion.  One for a train derailment.  Job loss. Terrorist bombing.  Crazed gunman.  A fire at the power company.

There are literally thousands of scenarios that could each have their own plan.  It's too daunting of a process to realistically consider.

Twelve Impacts

After more than 30 years of experience with Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Recovery, we've distilled the Emergency Preparedness process down to 12 ImpactsRegardless of the type or source of the emergency, there are only 12 ways in which an individual can be impacted.

  • No Potable Water
  • No Food
  • No Shelter
  • Lack of Safety and Security
  • No Public Utilities (electricity, gas, sanitation services)
  • No Communications Services
  • Toxic Airborne Contaminants
  • Restricted Travel
  • No Access To Professional Medical Services
  • No Money
  • Lost/Destroyed Records
  • Mental Health/Spirituality

 To augment the planning for the 12 Impacts, we provide instructions for developing two checklists:  An Evacuation Checklist and a Shelter-In-Place Checklist.

Instead of a cookie-cutter emergency plan, we teach you how to develop a plan for the 12 Impacts as they would affect your life.

We teach you how to identify and prioritize the impacts for your life.  For instance, one individual may have specialty medical needs such as kidney dialysis or diabetes.  Another may have specialty food requirements due to allergies.

Bison Risk Management Associates has developed seminars for the individual, as well as for businesses, civic and labor organizations, schools and churches.  At the completion of this seminar - Emergency Preparedness:  Beyond Natural Disasters, you will have the skills, knowledge and attitude necessary to build a plan that is flexible enough to get you through virtually any emergency situation.

Seminars for Individuals

Seminars and Consulting for Groups



Seminars For Individuals
There are so many things beyond our control which can impact our lives. 
There are natural disasters.  A flood.  An earthquake.  Wildfires.  Pandemics.
There are economic issues.  Job loss, bank closures, retirement funds evaporating.
There are devastating accidents - things like toxic emissions, oil spills, train derailments.
And there are the deliberate acts of others.  Arson, food safety issues and government mandates.  And now we need to consider the possibility of terrorist acts.
It's a lot to think about.
At Home • At Work • In The Car
Natural Disasters • Toxic Accidents • Economic Events • Deliberate Acts
In Emergency Preparedness:  Beyond Natural Disasters,  you will learn the skills, knowledge and attitude necessary to plan and prepare for virtually any emergency situation.  In this 4-hour seminar, you will learn:
  • Emergency Preparedness Concepts and the 12 Impacts
  • Requirements for surviving any emergency
  • Identifying Hazardous Scenarios and Events
  • Hazard Analysis – likelihood and impact
  • Risk Mitigation - Reducing or eliminating the impact of an emergency
  • Evacuation plans and options - Do you stay or do you go? 
  • Case Studies – How would you react?
  • Developing, Implementing and Testing YOUR plan
  • After the emergency:  Putting your life back together
 In addition, all students will receive:
• Personal Preparedness course materials & binder • Tripwire worksheet
PACE Worksheet • Hazard Analysis Worksheet
• Emergency Communications worksheet
• Access to additional restricted access resources
Length of Class:  4 hours
Price:  Flat fee of $475 Instructor fee, plus $7 per student for printed materials.  The organization sponsoring the seminar may choose to receive a customized original copy of the materials and print them out at their own cost.  Also, the sponsoring organization is responsible for any training facility fees and instructor travel expenses for seminars provided more than 50 miles outside Gardnerville, Nevada.
Prerequisites:  None


 Seminars and Consulting For Groups
As the leader of any organization - be it a business, church, school, or a civic or labor organization - you have a duty to your employees and members.  If disaster strikes during business hours or while your organization is sponsoring an activity - meetings, services or classes - your employees or members will be looking to you for answers.
Built upon our Emergency Preparedness:  Beyond Natural Disasters seminar for individuals, Bison offers your business or organization a number of options to prepare for unexpected emergencies or disasters.
Seminar - The most effective and cost-efficient option.  Bison will lead a group of your employees or members through the process of preparing your specific business or organization.  The product will be a plan based upon your specific employee or member make-up, your physical location and any special needs unique to your situation.
By having your employees or members involved in the process, your organization has the "insider knowledge" that is needed to adjust your plan should circumstances change.
In addition to the project management, Bison provides you with all of the templates, worksheets, and forms needed for your project team to produce (and be able to update) your unique plan.
Seminar Length:  8 hours - your option of a one day session, or split into two, 4-hour sessions.
Price:  $1,250  plus any training facility expenses and travel/lodging expenses.
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