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Second Call Defense 

Skills.  Knowledge.  Confidence.

Get 'em here!

Bison Risk Management Associates draws upon more than three decades of experience to provide safety and preparedness solutions for individuals, businesses, groups and organizations.   
It's all about Skills, Knowledge and Confidence.  Our classes, workshops and consulting - available throughout Northern Nevada - include Personal Safety Workshops & Training, Emergency Preparedness and Continuity of Operations.
Our consultants and instructors are certified by national and government organizations - most requiring re-certification on an annual basis.  You get the most current information, instruction and solutions available.

Find out more About Us, then review our Services to to determine how Bison will best be able to solve your specific problems.

GROUPS AND SPONSORS!  See how you can bring all of Bison's Personal Protection and Emergency Preparedness seminars to your business, civic group, church, school or other organization for reduced rates.

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