Issue 12

Proper Stun Gun Usage

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Many people are confused with the term "stun gun" - they're not sure what they are, or how to use them.

In the general category of Stunning Devices, there are two basic styles - those which fire a projectile - such as Tasers - and stun guns, which must be held in the hand and forced into contact with the assailant.

We're going to discuss stun guns in this article.

Stun guns come in a number of different configurations -  from batons, to palm-sized to those disguised as common objects such as cell phones!

All of them share some common characteristics:  The have a trigger to initiate the shock, a safety to protect against accidental discharge, and they are battery operated.

The usage is similar as well.  In all cases, direct physical contact must be made between the assailant and the metal electrodes protruding from the device.

This can pose some safety problems.  It means that you are generally within an arm's length of your attacker.  Unless you have surprised the attacker - very difficult in a self-defense situation - this means you are also within HIS arm's length of you!

Batons offer some additional distance - generally between 12- and 18-inches.  But if someone is charging you, this offers little protection.

Where stun guns can be effective is when you are defending an attack already in progress.  For instance, if you are walking your dog and it comes under attack from another animal, stun guns - particularly the Baton style - can disable or dissuade further attacks.

The same holds true if someone is being attacked, and the assailant is not fully aware of your potential defensive capabilities.

Learn how to select and use the proper defensive device in our Defensive Sprays and Stunning Devices workshops.

For Consideration:   Do you regularly train with and maintain your personal defense device?  When did you last mentally run through a scenario which you might be face with in the future?

Safety Tip:  As soon as you identify a threatening situation, get your self-defense device in your hand, ready to use.  It is better to have it ready, and not need to use it, than to be fumbling around while you are in danger.  Trust your "gut"!

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