Issue 22

Training For Unusual Situations

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Two recent local headlines:

Contra Costa Times:  15-year-old stabbed on trail in Brentwood

Vacaville Reporter:  Four male suspects sought in Fairfield home-invasion robbery

Stories like this used to be unusual.  Now, they are very commonplace.  Literally every day, similar headlines can be found in every Bay Area newspaper.  I'd put up a fair amount of money that the people in these stories all said to themselves, "I never expected it to happen to me!"

While none of us should live in fear, we need to have a plan for the occasions when ugliness pays us a visit.  You're not looking for trouble, but you're ready if it shows up.

In our personal protection classes, we teach people how to identify and avoid dangerous situations.  We coach people through a series of different scenarios that could occur and how they can react. 

What is critically important, though, is that in real life, it's not going to be some picture-perfect scenario.  It's going to be jagged and ugly and you're going to have to improvise.  As odd as it may sound, you need to practice improvisation!

With each potential scenario you can think of, you need to have thought through multiple responses.

For instance, with a home invasion, what will you do if you're upstairs and you hear a downstairs door get kicked in?  What if you're downstairs and you hear an upstairs window break? 

What if you come home, and find someone in your living room?  What do you do if you're alone?  What if your kids are home?  Do you run, do you fight or do you barricade?

The same basic problem - a home invasion - now has a number of potential solutions.

The same goes for practicing with self-defense tools.  Practice your pepper spray or stun gun with your "weak" hand.  If you own a handgun, practice with one hand and two hands.  Strong hand and weak hand. 

Assume something will go wrong, and you'll need to improvise!  By running through various versions of the same basic event, you are building the "mental toughness" to act, and not freeze.

And that may just save your life some day.

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