Issue 23

Wolves, Sheep and Sheep Dogs

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There is terminology used in certain personal defense circles about categories into which people fall.  There are three categories:  Wolves, Sheep and Sheep Dogs.

Wolves are the predators - individuals who live outside the norms of society and that prey on individuals they perceive as weak.  Like most wolves in the wild, they look for targets of opportunity on which they can pounce.  They take that which is not rightfully theirs.

Sheep are the victims.  They are individuals that end up being the targets of the Wolves.  Through either the conscious decision not to act in their own best interest, or the fear of aggravating the Wolves, they end up robbed, assaulted or worse.

Finally, there are the Sheep Dogs.  These folks have a couple of traits that set them apart from the Wolves and the Sheep.  First, they're always, "eyes open" - their Safety Awareness is high.  Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, they are prepared to defend themselves and the Sheep from the Wolves.

The first image of a Sheep Dog in the minds of most people would be of a police officer.  They are willing to put themselves in harm's way to protect others.

But being a Sheep Dog isn't limited to police officers.  Anyone - man, woman or child - can be a Sheep Dog.  It's a matter of mindset and training.

You have to first make the decision to take responsibility for your personal safety.  Take a self-defense class, send your kids to a martial arts studio, read books, watch videos - Get Educated.

You then need to act on that education.  Refine and practice the skills you learn.  Know how to appropriately respond to a wide variety of situations.  

Realize that the correct response may be to run and get yourself and others out of a bad situation - move the Sheep to, "safer pastures".  Or it may be to put yourself, "in harm's way" if you or others are attacked.

Once you've done that, becoming a Sheep Dog is second nature.  You will realize that you can't just sit by and watch something wrong occur.  You'll DO SOMETHING to respond to the bully on the playground, so to speak.  You would no more allow someone to attack the proverbial "little old lady" on the street corner, than you would watch a family member being assaulted.

It's a choice, and that choice does come with some risks.  But it's also a choice to remain unprepared. 

Sheep or Sheep Dog.  The choice is yours.

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